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Jet list

With a worldwide access to over 7000 aircrafts, we will never compromise on safety, quality and reputation.

Thanks to a variety of the most modern and technologically advanced aircrafts available on the market, highest standards and expertises, find with us the best option who fit your need and purpose and transform the way you travel for pleasure or business.


With an average range of 2700 km and a cruising speed of 830 km/h, you will choose a light private jet for short and medium distances. Ideal for week-end or business trip, light jet remain the most economical choice. They are lighter than what is commonly called business jets. We offer a wide range of jets that are configured in a 4-8 seats high class cabin. Everything is on board for your Business trip or your short weekend trip with light baggage. In addiction to the usual catering services, individual catering requirements can also be fulfilled. All of the plane have the necessary legal approvals from aviation authorities


Ideal for intercontinental flights , Midsize jets have seating for up to 9 passengers with an average range of 3200 km and cruising speed of 815km/h. More spacious and wider than the light Jet, this category offer comfort, services

Super midsize jets

More spacious than  a midsize jet with the benefits of heavy jet at a more competitive rate. Feature wide body space, high altitude capability, speed, and long range flying. These jets combine transatlantic capability with the speed and comfort of a wide-body jet. Full standing headroom, luxury spacious cabins, flight attendant and great luggage capacity – ideal for VIPs, business executives and family holidays. Seating for up to 10 passengers and up to 7 hours flying time.

Long range Jets

Ultra-Long Range jets are designed for non-stop inter-continental travel. Typically seating 14 or more people, these aircraft sport flexible cabins configured with separate compartments for working, dining, or relaxing, along with top-of-the-line amenities. A flight attendant comes standard

Heavy Jets

Heavy jets are private jets in the "kingsize" category offering wide cabins with a feeling of space and confort. With a seating for up to 14 passengers, these jets provide the greatest number of ameneties in the highest levem of confort Their range is inferior to the long range jet with an average range of 2 700 km and a cruising speed of 740km/h This allows intercontinental flights without fuelling stops.

VIP airliner

This converted airliners typically have seating for up to 19 passengers . In this class there are no limits to your wishes Make your trip in spacious, generously appointed cabins. Bedrooom with bathroom, salon with state of the art entertainment electronics, conference room, gourmet kitchen, specially trained personnel - there is nothing you can't have. 

We take care of the entire organization down to the smallest detail thanks to our know-how and our skills in order to deliver excellence to you.

With a worldwide access to over 7000 aircrafts, we will never compromise on safety, quality and reputation.
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